dedicated Lyophilization Service Provider

Established in 1993, BIOLYPH proudly serves Life Science, IVD, and RUO reagent manufacturers by converting their unstable proteins, antibodies, enzymes, immunochemical reagents, clinical chemistry reagents, and cells into stable LyoSpheres.

BIOLYPH has redefined the lyophilization paradigm by creating LyoSpheres, precise and durable lyophilized microliter aliquots, packaged inside your standard or proprietary delivery devices. This capability expands the realm of possibilities of reagents, cocktails and devices.

BIOLYPH's specialized equipment enables the production and packaging of LyoSpheres without jeopardizing the stable environment in which they are processed. This includes dispensing, lyophilization, post-lyophilization handling, and packaging.

BIOLYPH has demonstrated the viability of our robust and relevant technology by processing and packaging hundreds of millions of LyoSpheres.

BIOLYPH dispenses, lyophilizes, and packages our Clients' reagents to optimize their use and performance. The combination of this innovative technology and service provides our Clients with important technological capabilities and economic benefits.


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