What our Clients are saying about BIOLYPH


"If you want to lyophilize reagents, BIOLYPH is the company to work with. They supply a superior product coupled with excellent service."

M.S., Senior Scientist


"The performance of the lyophilized reagents provided by BIOLYPH are nearly identical to their non-lyophilized counterparts. We worked with BIOLYPH early on to evaluate a series of lyophilization buffers to allow for rapid rehydration of the LyoSpheres in our assay systems. BIOLYPH's input, experience and suggestions were extremely valuable during that time.

In our experience, BIOLYPH has always delivered on time or ahead of schedule.

On several occasions, due to urgent manufacturing needs, BIOLYPH has worked with us to meet or exceed our production requirements and timelines.

Time and time again, BIOLYPH has delivered a quality lyophilized product, allowing us to rapidly take new products to market. BIOLYPH's technology has allowed us to rapidly convert wet chemistry assays to real world "in the field" diagnostic testing kits.

The staff at BIOLYPH has consistently gone out of their way to help us meet all of our processing needs. The staff was responsive, accommodating and willing and able to handle our varying production needs and timelines.

BIOLYPH has met all of our performance expectations. BIOLYPH consistently delivers a quality product on time.

Very productive and pleasant."

B.W., Ph.D., Director of Biodetection Development


"For the past 8 years, BIOLYPH has supplied LyoSpheres for more than 100 different products within our company. The quality and consistency have been exceptional every single time. With their help and guidance in optimizing conditions, we were able to expedite our product development quickly and efficiently. Their attention to detail, manufacturing documents and outstanding customer service make BIOLYPH the best lyophilization company. We are looking forward to continuing our work with BIOLYPH and are encouraged for the future, with the potential for applications of this technology to other projects within our company."

H.S., Ph.D., Senior Scientist

"To date our reagent rehydrates instantly and its performance meets our acceptance criteria.

BIOLYPH has delivered both on time and ahead of schedule.

BIOLYPH has been very flexible and adjusts to our dynamic production schedule. Lyophilization has been expedited when requested.

BIOLYPH's technology has and continues to enable us to produce a quality lyophilized product.

BIOLYPH has been responsive to our company needs by adapting to any last minute changes in production schedules and due dates without compromising quality and on-time delivery.

BIOLYPH continues to meet our performance expectations."

S.Z., Production Manager, Diagnostics

"BIOLYPH product meets or exceeds our technical requirements consistently. We know we can rely on it.

In my many years of working with BIOLYPH, they have never missed a promise date. On the contrary, they go to great lengths to meet difficult schedules and always seem to make it happen and save the day for us.

On more than one occasion, we've had the significant one-time upside demand that BIOLYPH has helped us capture and execute to successfully result in a happy end customer and added revenue for both companies. BIOLYPH is quick to recognize and respond to changing priorities.

Not being in a technical but in a buying function the BIOLYPH technology I can speak to is their excellent process control, both in production and administratively. BIOLYPH runs a tight ship and you can count on their word.

BIOLYPH is my top performing supplier by far. No matter the industry or the continent I am purchasing product from to support our business, none of my suppliers are as responsive and reliable as BIOLYPH. I know when I contact them they will consider every option in order to meet my request, they will deliver on what they promise often beating their commitment and I will only have to ask them once. Based on my years of supply management experience, I can say with certainty this ethic puts BIOLYPH in the 99th percentile of businesses in service, quality and value.

If only I could have two more suppliers like BIOLYPH!"

D.I., Senior Planner/Buyer

"Stability is excellent as long as the beads are maintained in sealed desiccated pouches. We have seen excellent rehydration (<10 seconds) with our LyoSpheres.

BIOLYPH consistently delivers on-time or ahead of schedule.

During the H1N1 outbreak, BIOLYPH quickly ramped up their production capacity in order to help us meet our sales opportunities. In addition, BIOLYPH has provided unique packaging design concepts to help improve our products.

We have proven LyoSphere feasibility with a number of rapid tests, 4 of which are on the market today as commercial products.

BIOLYPH is very responsive to our needs in regards to meeting unanticipated demand and participation in improving our manufacturing and supply chain processes.

BIOLYPH is considered one of our most responsive suppliers and they have met our expectations as a critical partner.

BIOLYPH is a valued supplier and business partner."

D.Y., Senior Director of Materials Management